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GSM Bluetooth Pen with Earpiece
GSM Bluetooth Pen with Earpiece
  • NO.  :  MF-W100
    Quantity: 10000
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    Weight: 300g
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product Details:


1: power button 2: GSM card slot 3: Charger port 4: indicator light
Starting-up : pressing power button for 5s until the light turns red, which means standby.(pressing button at the state of standby you will see the light flash red that means your machine is in standby, when you press the button until the red light turns off that means power off )
2: Under the state of normal writing taking on your cellphones and using your phone dial the numbers on the machine card (more closer between cellphones and machine more louder of sound in cellphones)
3: this product has the function of double talk
working frequency:850MHZ, 900MHZ, 1800MHZ, 1900MHZ
1. Please note the GSM signal intensity , do not install the machine at a place which is no signal or bad signal , or that will influent your using experience.
2. If you dialed cannot be connected, please ensure the battery is full.
3: please fully charged before using at the first time.
4:Please strictly observe the relevant laws of the state, this product shall not be used for any illegal purpose, the consequences of illegal purpose should be self response.

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